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This blog came about after searching for a more contented way of living after becoming a mum to Rufus in 2016. It started with wanting to find a way to dress that made me feel good about my post-baby body, and morphed in to a wider search of living a life of true contentment that wasn’t just about waiting for the weekends to roll around.

Almost 6 months ago our family was living a life that required my husband, Johnny, and I to work in a way that gave us little time with Rufus Monday to Friday. Many told me that I was being idealistic to consider a different way of living….wasn’t this just life? But it was a compromise too far and so we moved away from London, leaving many dear friends and our beloved house in Balham that we’d poured our heart and soul in to making home.

We now find ourselves in a coastal village in a beautiful pocket of West Dorset. When the wind is blowing in the right direction, we can hear the waves crashing on the shore as we lie in bed at night. I hope we never take that peace and tranquility for granted. Our lives have become a lot more simple here - in the jobs we do, our approach to living and how we spend our time. Becoming a mum changed my life in many ways I could never anticipate. I hope you like hearing my story - I am always delighted to chat so please come and say hello :)

Jane x